About Management Development Center

Management Development Center (MDC) is the sister organization of MAN created in 2005. The main objective of MDC is to work as an independent national think tank for management and development issues. The Center creates and promotes independent opinions in the issues related to the socioeconomic development. It carries out policy dialogues on important development and management issues. Two of the important dialogues are pre-budget and monetary policy. MDC provides, management consulting services, policy research services and information services through various modes, including publications and e-devices


Policy Research
Information Services

MAN has also conducted research and studies on subjects such as Development Administration Training for IBRD, Productivity Linked Incentive System for JCF, Feasibility Study and Business Plan Creation for an Industrial Clinic for Enterprise Program of the USAID, etc. Likewise, MAN has also provided consultancy services to various public and private institutions including Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation, Nepal CRS Company, Sajha Cooperative Centre, etc. on subjects like general management, inventory / marketing management, strategic management, privatization, cost reduction and control, recruitment & selection etc. MAN had formulated and applied research and consultancy services policy. The Research and Consultancy Services Committee is reviewing the operations of policy for possible improvement.