Constitutionally MAN’s organization at the central level consists of:

  • The general Assembly of the members, is the supreme body,
  • The Board of Management, consisting of 11 elected individual members, 6 representatives of elected institutional members, 1 immediate past president, 1 government nominee and 3 permanent invitee from among honorary members.
  • The Executive Committee of Five Executive Office Bearer, namely, the President, Vice-president; Secretary General, Treasurer and Executive Director who are elected from among the members of the Board of Management to constitute the executive Committee accept Executive Director.
Organization Tree

Organizational Chart of Management Association of Nepal

MAN Board of Management used to carry out its programs by organizing itself and other members into various core operational groups according to the functional areas of business management, viz. top and general management, marketing management, human resources management, financial management etc. besides a publications committee to publish journals.

In order to focus on performance of key functions of promoting (i) Management Awareness, (ii) Management Development and (iii) Professional Management on a progressively institutionalized basis, whilst at the same time providing maximum practicable opportunities to members to participate in the Association activities, MAN has recently developed management development calendar to address various issues.