• 2022-02-11
  • 08:00 to 17:00
  • Hotel Yak & Yeti , Kathmandu Nepal
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The CEO Conference

 Management Association of Nepal (MAN), established in 1979 as a National Management Organization (NMO) aims to make a sustainable contribution to upgrade management standards and practices in Nepal. Being a national non-profit and non-partisan membership-based professional organization, MAN has been an important forum for developing management professionalism and a performance-oriented as well as socially responsible work culture in the country. Besides, MAN facilitates sharing of resources, knowledge, and information in support of today’s interconnected management world and the demand for ready access to up-to-date management information, thinking, and views. 

MAN is here to organize a significant National mega-event "CEO Conference" for the first time in Nepal. The main rationale of this event is to take a research-based view and key opinions from the CEOs of Nepal with an intent to submit the resulting output to the Government of Nepal and other concerned authorities. Several sectors namely, business development, management, financial sector, industrial sectors, hotel, and tourism sectors have been severely affected by the global pandemic. Hence, it will be a big opportunity to join and collaborate in the CEO Conference as it creates an opportunity to exchange innovative ideas, knowledge, information and practical approaches of various dimensions of glocal issues in the Nepalese management context

Location: 24 Sankhamul ,Ktm

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