Management Association of Nepal (MAN) was established in 1979 as the apex body of the management professionals with active support of the corporate sector in Nepal. Being a national non-profit and non-partisan membership-based professional organization, MAN has been an important forum for developing management professionalism and a performance-oriented as well as socially responsible work culture in the country. It has a strong membership base of over 2500 individuals and 250 institutions from different disciplines and sectors of Nepalese economy and society. MAN has emerged as prominent center for promotion of productive, competitive and socially responsible management culture that will help management professionals and organizations grow and prosper.

MAN is one of the founding members of the Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO). It has also close links with a number of well-known professional bodies like the American Management Association (AMA), All India Management Association (AIMA) and North India Management Association (NIMA). These linkages help MAN to have access to information on the best management practices and techniques available in the other parts of the world.

The Existing Scenario

People tend to have increasingly realized that the ongoing processes of state’s restructuring and transformation in Nepal require to be followed by management development process for their effectiveness and sustainability. In view of the focus of previous management development efforts and their limited impact, the future course of actions has to be directed towards changing and building mindsets and development of positive performance-oriented work culture in Nepal. MAN being a common forum of professionals representing different sectors and disciplines has tremendous roles to play towards management development in Nepal.


Taking lead in promoting professionalism for management development


Facilitating management development process directed towards performance-oriented work systems, culture and practices through interactions, services and networking.


The main objective of MAN, as stated in its Charter, is to apply, develop, promote management science and make necessary arrangements to offer such knowledge in Nepal. In conformance with such objective and the vision and the mission as stated above, the strategic objectives have been set as:

  • To bring professionals and institutes related to management development in one umbrella through networking so as to facilitate interaction, innovation and pro-active involvement for promoting management professionalism
  • To consolidate management development through management education, training research, consulting and information services
  • To keep members informed of new developments in professional management approaches and their uses

Strategies and Activities

MAN adopts four carefully articulated strategies in order to translate its vision and mission into reality. The major strategies and the areas of activities programmed under each of them are highlighted here

Promotion of professional interactions

  • Friday Management Talk Program
  • Interactive programs on topical issues
  • Dissemination sessions on national/ regional /global trends of professional interest

Management education and training services:

  • Promotion of management education at executive and professional levels.
  • Management training activities at different levels covering critical and new areas
  • Establishment of a resource centre for management development service providers

Consulting, research and information services:

  • Management consulting services
  • Policy research services
  • Information services through various modes, including publications and e-devices

Development of membership base and networking

  • Expansion of membership base: individual and institutional
  • Networking with relevant professional organizations at national, regional and global levels.

For the last 37 years, MAN has been undertaking various activities on an institutional basis, which include interactive sessions, researches/studies and consultancies, EMBA program, professional training courses on different management-related themes, membership expansion drives, institutional networking, and so on.

Institutional Support

Being a membership-based professional organization, MAN mobilizes institutional supports for its continuity, development and operation from its organs as provisioned through its charter as well as occasional decisions. Its institutional support base consists of

  • General Assembly
  • Management Committee and its sub-committees
  • Management Development Centre
  • Management Development Campus
  • Members (both individual and institutional)
  • Partner organizations (local, national, regional and international)

Resource Base

MAN exists and undertakes its institutional activities by mobilizing resources from different sources. The major provisions for ensuring and developing its resources are –

  • Utilizing expertise of members, including occasional outsourcing;
  • Generating income from marketing of professional services; and,
  • Mobilization of contributions from members and donors for sustainable institutional development and operation.